Ilkley Art Trail 2015 Map

2015 sees the fourth year of the annual Ilkley Art Trail

Art for art's sake?

The Ilkley Art Trail for 2015 commences on October 7th and runs for five days through to October 11th. This map on our site Art Trail 2015 Map shows the venues where local artists will display some of their works.

Users can either select venues via their number icons on the map or by selecting the image in the left-hand column. Either way the resultant pop-up will show details of both the venue and a brief synopsis for each artist displaying there. Note that some venues have multiple artists while others only have one.

A link to the official Ilkley Art Trail website can be found in the Useful Links section on the Latest News page. Look out next year for details of the 2016 Trail.

Walks Map

Ilkley Distance and elevation profile calculator

Plan your next local walk

Measure distances and plot elevation profiles for a series of predfined walks around Ilkley. Alternatively create your own walk/run/cycle ride and check out the elevation changes along the route. The map and the profile are linked interactively.

Select one of the coloured routes on the map to view the elevation profile for a selection of pre-defined walks. The pop-up dialog has a link to an external web-site with information on that walk.

Or use the Measure tools to create your own profile. Simply digitise a route, or an area on the map. Double-click the last point to activate. Remember to de-select the measure tool after use.

Blue Plaques Map

Brush up on your local history

Disclosing the Historical Markers

A tour of the historical sites in Ilkley deemed worthy of a blue plaque.

Take a tour around Ilkley's prestigious Blue Plaque sites. This application shows the plaque, the location and some information on the site.

Users can navigate by selecting the plaque locations on the map or by scrolling through the thumbnail image ribbon at the bottom of the screen. Each location is then displayed to the left of the main map.

Old Photos of Ilkley

Fascinating old photographs of Ilkley from as far back as the 1860's

A picture is worth a thousand words

A map showing the geo-tagged locations of Old Photographs in Ilkley. The current set of photos are shown by kind permission of Francis Frith, Bradford Libraries and English Heritage.

The marker locations on the map are my own interpretation of where I think the photographer was located when the photo was taken. If you have any better information or idea of a more correct location then please contact me so that I can re-position the image.

More importantly, if you have, or know of any old images of Ilkley that you would be willing to have displayed on the map then please get in touch. I can offer a free digital scanning service if required. All photos would be correctly attributed and labelled with any copyright information as requested. Images can also be 'watermaked' if required.

Postal Facilities Map

Postcode designations and the location of postboxes and post offices in Ilkley

Need to post a letter?

Well on the off-chance that you don't know where your nearest post box or post office is you might want to check out the Postal Facilities in Ilkley map.

The post code polygons have been calculated from point location values which is why they look slightly strangely shaped but they should be accurate in the vast majority of locations.

Ancient Sites Map

Stone circles, menhirs, cup and ring carvings and all manner of other ancient pre-historic sites are all on this map

One for the Druids

There are many such ancient sites all over Britain but the local Moors are particularly abundant in these historic locations. The sites on my map are taken largely from either the Megalithic Portal website or the Ancient Antiquarian website.

Some of the locations might be up to 100m off from their correct location but I have moved the ones that I know of to the right place using satellite imagery. Undoubtedly some of the sites remain mis-located.

Historic OS Maps

Ordnance Survey maps from the 20's through to the 60s

How Ilkley has changed over the years

An application that compares three old Ordnance Survey maps from three different periods (1955-61, 1937-61, and 1920's) side by side. The maps are at varying scales and from different time periods so allow the viewer to compare and contrast Ilkley over the years.

The application lets the user synchronise the maps by either location or scale or both. Alternatively the viewer can turn off all synchronisation and the maps can be panned and zoomed independently.

The maps are particularly large and so can take a while to load.

Live weather map

Current weather conditions and a five-day forecast for the area

Raining Cats and Dogs?

Two maps on this page. The larger map at the top is courtesy of MeteoEarth and shows the current level of cloud cover and precipitation if there is any. Clicking on the map will redirect you to the MeteoEarth website. This map does not always work in Microsoft Internet Explorer so I would suggest using Google Chrome or Firefox as your default browser.

The smaller map lower down is courtesy of the Met Office and also shows a five-day forecast. The arrows to the side of this map will scroll through different displays including precipitation, cloud cover, pressure and temperature. Again, clicking on the map will take you to the Met Office website.

Food and Drink Map

A comprehensive list of all the places to eat and drink in town

Feeling peckish or thirsty?

All the places in Ilkley where it is possible to satisfy your food and beverage needs have been mapped in this application. The outlets have been separated into four distinct categories - Restaurants, Cafes, Bars and Takeaways.

The map can (and should) be panned or zoomed to your particular area of interest. All of the locations present in the current map area will be displayed in the left hand set of thumbnail images. Any location can either be selected from the map via it's numbered icon, or else by selecting the thumbnail image from the panel. On selection of a venue, a pop-up dialog will be displayed showing details of that particular outlet.

This application is only as good as the information it contains so please let me know if the information is lacking or incorrect.

London 2012 Olympic Medalists

Did Yorkshire really win more medals than most countries?

Where do our succesful Olympians really come from?

Obviously this is not a map of Ilkley but there are a number of successful British athletes that come from our region, most notably Lizzie Armitstead from Otley, Andy Hodge from Hebden and the Brownlee brothers who live in Bramhope.

The pop-up for each athlete contains a photo. Click on the photo to go to the official London Olympic website for more detailed information.

The second photo, when present, shows the athlete in competition. Click on this photo for a bigger version of that photo.

Historic Swipe Map

What did Ilkley look like 100 years ago?

I can see what was there before my house!

Similar to the Simple Swipe map which compares a satellite image with a road map, the Historic Swipe Map compares an historical map from around 1900 with current day Ilkley.

Swiping the central bar allows the user to see how Ilkley has changed over the last century with the Bartholomew half inch map (1897-1907) on the left and the current Bing map from Microsoft on the right.

Due to inaccuracies in the original old map the maps aren't exactly aligned but are close enough to give meaningful results.

Parish Boundary Map

Civil parishes that is, rather than religious

Unashamedly parochial

A map showing the civil parishes in the Ilkley area.

Undoubtedly not the most interesting map on the site but it does contain useful web links to the civil council web-sites.

Simple Swipe Map

I can see my house from here!

Take a swipe

Drag the central bar to reveal either the road map on the left or the satellite imagery on the right - both courtesy of Bing Maps.

The two maps are fully synchronised so panning or zooming one of the maps will automatically adjust the other.

Go on, zoom into the area of your house - you know you want to.

Geology Map

Explore the world beneath your feet

Rock On

This application shows three sets of data served up by the BGS. Namely, Solid bedrock geology, Surface geological cover and Boreholes from their database. Each different layer is accessed from an accordian style menu on the left of the application.

Having chosen a layer to query, the user can click on a geological outcrop or borehole to reveal more information about that feature.

The two geology layers will change from the default 1:50,000 scale to a coarser 1:625,000 scale when the map is zoomed out. Zoom in too far and the geology layers will disappear. The boreholes should display at all scales.

Social Media Map

Mapping the Social Media users in and around Ilkley

Get Connected

This application lets the user plot various instances of social media usage in and around the Ilkley area (although pan the map elsewhere and you can search in other areas too!)

The current settings allow searching and plotting from Twitter, Panoramio, You Tube and Flickr. Events can be plotted as points, clusters or even as a heat map.

Searches can refine the results by using keyword filters or even filtering by time periods. If you want to see your own Tweets you will need to turn on location information in your own Twitter preferences.

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